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  Incorporated in 1987, A-R Business machines began distribution of “ADLER-ROYAL” calculators, typewriters and cash registers through a dealer network stretching from St. John’s Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia.

In 1991 with the purchase of Assmann Dictation Systems of Canada Limited our endeavors into the field of dictation equipment began. Assmann is a well-known name in the Canadian marketplace for quality and mini cassette dictation systems since 1953.

1992 brought expansion into the paper shredder market with the agreement to market Kobra Shredders exclusively in Canada. Kobra has grown to become one of our major product lines that we distribute. We have 12 models approved for sale to the Federal Government.

In 1993 brought further expansion to the products we distribute, with the addition of Muratec Multifunction copiers and facsimile machines. Muratec is a proven industry leader with more than 35 years as an innovator in the copier and facsimile field. Even some of the major players, such as Xerox, Sharp, Minolta, Konica, Okidata, Omnifax, Pitney Bowes, Monroe, just to name a few, have had Muratec manufacture machines for them. If you purchased a copier or a fax from one of these companies it is possible that it actually was a Muratec.

In 1997 we entered into an agreement with Grundig, an international electronics firm, to market their line of dictation products which include their Steno cassette, micro cassette and digital dictation systems.

In 2000, we entered into an agreement with Carolina Wholesale to market their line of Nakajima typewriters. We have both French and English models to distribute across Canada.

Our latest agreement is with Philips Dictation Systems a huge electronics firm. We are an MCDE distributor for their line of mini cassette and digital dictation systems across Canada.

Our reputation for quality products and excellent customer service allow us the opportunity to provide our dealers and their customers with our expertise and knowledge. To join our team and for more information, please contact…

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  549 First Street, Unit #102 - London, Ontario, Canada - N5V 1Z5  

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